6-Week nutrition coaching and consultation


Intrinsic motivation is the key to achieving any goal, especially when it comes to health and nutrition. For 6 weeks we will work together to determine what the changes are you need to make. We will meet up weekly for check-in and accountability. This will give us a chance to adjust your diet and plan to suit you better. During the 6 weeks, we will also work with a life coach and motivation specialist who will help you to make these changes lifelong habits. The difference between a diet and this 6-week coaching is that we will take a deeper look into your relationship with food, how you perceive eating, health, nutrition, and the impact that certain types of foods may have on you.

Your goal might be weight loss, but it could also be to make guided, holistic changes to heal your gut, your mental health, or even just a general awareness of your own nutrition.



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