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Eos Nutrition

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About Eos

Eos Nutrition is all about providing a holistic approach to health by making more informed choices when it comes to food and nutrition. The vision is to create a space where people are empowered to feel comfortable and healthy in their own bodies. That a persons body, no matter how different, is not something to be ashamed about, but it is to be celebrated.

We love assisting people from all walks of life no matter what age group who have never been satisfied or happy with what they look like, and to some degree have always had an unstable relationship with food.

We provide personalized meal plans as well as nutritional coaching. We will also be teaching people to cook healthy meals and make them comfortable in the kitchen with both the prepping and preparing their delicious nutrition meals.

Eos Nutrition provides a healthy and sustainable alternative to every diet on the market accompanied by holistic advice and lifestyle coaching when it comes to your nutrition and health. Once you have are well on your way to a healthier balanced life, we will look at integrating exercise in a natural and gradual manner with our experience in sports coaching.